Tadawul is an intermediary platform that facilitates, buying and selling of securities, which includes stocks and units of ETFs, REITs (Real Estate Investment Traded Funds), Closed-Ended Funds, Sukuks, bonds and derivatives. The financial market is a means to facilitate the trading of securities between buyers and sellers, and it is characterized by efficiency, transparency, and integrity. The market enables investors and other market participants to obtain accurate information to properly make their investment decisions, as well as conduct their transactions with confidence and reassurance.

The Exchange needs to promote liquidity, so that buyers of securities can be assured of being able to divest them easily when they wish. It also needs to ensure the provision of timely, comprehensive, and adequate information to enable market participants to make decisions. This information may be provided by the Exchange itself or by external service providers.

The Exchange enables businesses to raise capital for expansion and thereby contributes to the growth of the economy. Tadawul is making a major contribution to the goals of Vision 2030 in this manner.

  • Enabling companies to raise capital they need to grow their businesses by providing them with a platform to list their securities.
  • Offering a fast and efficient trading platform allowing investors, brokers, and institutions to access the capital market.
  • Providing securities settlement for all products traded in the market.
  • Providing depository services including custody and registration services to the clients.
  • Providing securities clearing for cash and derivatives market.
  • Providing settlement and registry services for derivative instruments.
  • Providing real-time trading data, reference data, market indices and financial information to the financial community.
  • Offering value added services to issuers and shareholders to further enhance their capital market experience.
  • Investment activities locally and internationally.