Tadawul's stakeholders are the parties who are influenced by the Exchange's strategies and operations or who have an ability to make an impact on the strategies and operations. Each stakeholder group has specific engagement channels through which the Exchange interacts with members of the group.

Investors are individuals or entities who buy and sell securities in the market. It is they who keep the wheels of the market turning. To gain the confidence of investors, the Exchange needs to ensure that the market infrastructure is accurate and reliable. It also needs to ensure that timely, accurate, and comprehensive information is available to make decisions.

Engagement channels:
Statistical reports, annual reports, press releases, roadshows, workshops, website, social media, and contact center.

Members are brokerage firms who conduct transactions on behalf of their clients. The vast majority of transactions on the Exchange are conducted through brokers.

Engagement channels:
Statistical reports, notifications, website, workshops, and meetings.

Issuers are corporates or other entities which issue, register, and sell securities through the Exchange. Apart from corporates, issuers can include Real Estate Investment Traded Funds (REITs), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and Government (through bonds and Sukuks). Issuing processes are carried out in accordance with the requirements of Tadawul and the Capital Market Authority, to obtain a listing on Tadawul.

Engagement channels:
Notifications, roadshows, relationship managers, website, social media, workshops, and meetings.

These are organizations or individuals that provide supporting services to issuers, investors, and members. They include market research analysts, investment bankers, legal advisors, and marketing advisors.

Engagement channels:
Statistical reports, notifications, press releases, website, workshops, and meetings.

With all the technology that Tadawul possesses, the human factor remains important. The Exchange requires highly skilled professionals to drive its strategies and operations. They need to be constantly trained to keep up with changing requirements and motivated to carry out their roles. Drawing up and implementing career paths, which are clearly communicated to the employees is an essential aspect of motivation.

Engagement channels:
Review meetings, town hall meetings, performance management system, training programmes, website, and internal communications.

The range and diversity of our stakeholder groups and communication channels illustrates the complexity of our operations. We need to constantly feel the pulse of our stakeholders so that their interests and concerns are addressed in our strategies and operations.

Our regulator is the Capital Market Authority (CMA) which issues rules and regulations to implement the provisions of the capital market law. It issues the necessary directives, regulations and rules to ensure the orderly, efficient and ethical conduct of the market. This regulatory oversight is essential to build trust and confidence in the market among market participants.

Since 2018, Tadawul has become a partially self-regulating organization taking over some functions from CMA.

Engagement channels:
Directives, reports, accounts, annual report, and meetings.

Tadawul licenses external data vendors to provide market information according to a license agreement. It also licenses index providers who provide customized indices.

Engagement channels:
Statistical reports, corporate disclosures, website, and press releases.

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) is the 100% owner and only shareholder of Tadawul. Tadawul pays dividends to PIF.

Engagement channels:
Accounts, annual report, other reports,
and meetings.

Tadawul communicates information to market participants and the general public through press releases. Business journalists also publish market information, most of it originating from stock market analysts. The main consumers of such information are investors, members, issuers, policymakers, and the general public. Such information flows need to be clear, relevant, timely, and accurate.

Engagement channels:
Press releases, press conferences, TV, media interviews, and website.

The community is the ultimate beneficiary of the economic growth that Tadawul generates. In addition Tadawul carries out a large number of CSR programmes which reach a wide range of beneficiaries.

Engagement channels:
Press releases, events, and CSR programmes.